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Listen to a range of styles of Eugene Skeef's music
Umakhweyana - berimbau song of the hunter

Harmony (featuring Marcina Arnold)

Excite! segment (performed by London Philharmonic Orchestra)

Makhweyana Blues (with Bheki Mseleku)

Closer (featuring Mpho Skeef)

Dzumbus (with Oha Maslo and Atilla Aksoj)

Prelude to Dawn (with children of Southwark schools, London)

Alawi (Sublime) - dedicated to Azra Kayani

The Children

Harmony of Bamboo (with Luciana Proano dancing in her bamboo grove)

Ashmole workshop greeting improvisation on found percussion

Inner Light (with strings)

uxolo (forgiveness) - arranged by Kit Downes
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