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“Eugene is probably the best workshop leader in the UK”
Africa Oye! Music Festival

“Thank you so much for creating and guiding us through a wonderful 3 days last week. Your expertise and leadership (from behind some of the time!) helped us all create, whatever our background and skills.”
Anne Snelgrove - Curriculum Leader, Creative and Expressive Arts, Surrey County Council.
“Eugene Skeef is a legendary educator/percussionist/composer (and father of Mpho Skeef!). He is part of the same South African generation as Bheki Mseleku (and a great friend of the pianist). His experiences in South Africa make my difficulties look like a tin of baked beans! His story-telling, as obviously inspired by events, and also his love and brilliance in performance, result in what you hear.”
Robert Mitchell on Eugene’s contribution to his track Shukran (dedicated to Bheki Mseleku) on his album, TRUST
“SEROTE SPEAKS is a performance in dance based on a poem by the South African poet, Mongane Wally Serote....I enjoyed most of all the music, composed and performed by Eugene Skeef on a variety of traditional percussion instruments.”
Ian Spring - The Scotsman
“This was an experience of experiences. It has given me a self confidence that I never knew I had. I look forward to many more...”
Tom - prisoner, life sentence, Wormwood Scrubs.
(PS from Sara Lee, Education Officer: “This man is still buzzing and many people have noticed the change in him. A constant smile on his face never seen before).

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